4 Reasons For Solutions Based Material Handling

December 20, 2023

Conveyor system in warehouse

Make The Most of Your Warehouse Space

In today’s greener and leaner climate, managers of warehouse and distribution centers are searching for ways to do more with less. In many cases, that means items such as how to utilize the space you have in better, more efficient ways – such as going up rather than going out. We all know that a well-organized warehouse space cuts down on chaos, encourages productivity and helps your bottom line when your employees and the products they handle work together in ways that make sense.

At 54 Intralogistics, powered by Darr, we have professionals who know how to listen to your particular operation challenges and find solutions customized to your application. By using CAD, we can show you ways to improve the flow – and therefore the efficiency – of your operations. Along with this specific information, which is available at all our convenient locations, we offer numerous and varied tools to help you get better organized and make the most of your warehouse and distribution center.

Warehouse pallet racking

Warehouse Storage Systems

54 Intralogistics has an extensive inventory of ways to increase and maximize your warehouse storage. At the most basic level, using the correct pallet racking system, conveying and shelving can make a big difference in how easily your operators can pick and place products, while keeping an eye on the value of your products. Would a first-in, first out (FIFO) system work better for you? For some, it’s first-in, last out (FILO) that makes the most sense. Do you have enough going on to need to be able to pick and place from both sides of your pallet racking? Are some of your products of varying shapes and sizes? All of these, and more, are considerations that need to be taken into account when selecting the pallet racking, conveying and shelving systems that will best suit your application.

Jungheinrich Narrow Aisle Equipment

Warehouse Lifts & Advanced Warehouse Products 

Electric lift trucks such as reach trucks, order pickers and pallet trucks have been a staple in warehousing operations for some time. Even 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric riders have advanced in lifting capacities and performance abilities. Most recently material handling forklifts have evolved into advanced warehouse equipment incorporating semi-automation to improve workflow and productivity. Having the expertise to make sure your smart “forklifts” integrate with your other warehouse systems is critical to having an optimized warehouse operation.

Automation and Robotics

At 54 Intralogistics, we are experts in helping you integrate not just warehouse forklifts but what is fast becoming the norm for material handling warehouses and distribution centers – automation and robotics. As more and more companies start to see the benefits of integrating automation into their operations, those who don’t will be left behind on the productivity and efficiency scale. There are several reasons why moving towards automation and robotics makes sense, including:

  • A transitioning workforce – with labor shortages and less manpower to replace those retiring, moving towards automation and robotics means you can put your human labor into more valuable positions in your organization.
  • More hours worked – Automation and robotics don’t need holidays off, sick days and overtime pay.
  • Increased safety – Using robotics and automation not only increases productivity, it also decreases injuries from handling heavy products.
  • Easy integration – More and more software and products are being developed every day that make integrating automation and robotics into your IT system easier.

54 Intralogistics can help you design and integrate a warehouse system that will give you a superior ROI, while maximizing your operations. Contact us today to find your MaxOp unique material handling warehouse solutions.