Integrating Material Handling with
Automation Technology

The 54 Intralogistics team of professionals provides innovative warehouse automation needs analysis, planning, CAD design, engineering, product/equipment procurement, installation as well as ongoing service and maintenance for any warehouse’s or fulfillment center’s needs. We assist you in selecting the most reliable equipment and systems that meet your requirements and keep your product flowing. Our expertise in working with all types of distribution centers in a multitude of industries offers a wide range of knowledge and experience. With first-class and efficient solutions, 54 Intralogistics provides excellent service in a number of areas:

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Warehouse Optimization Consultation

Our experienced management staff offers a multitude of effective solutions for your warehouse business. We examine each area of your operation and determine what needs to change to deliver you more economical processes that will streamline your operations. That includes space planning, systems and automation. We partner with a number of software providers to offer complete turnkey solutions.


Engineering Innovative Material Handling Technologies

Certified and knowledgeable experts in solving technical issues at 54 Intralogistics will explain how each of the warehouse components and processes will enable a more efficient operation. Our engineers make the consultants’ vision come to life. Experienced in a large number of industries, you can count on our expertise in envisioning the workflow to maximize processes for efficiency.


Automated Storage Systems Design

54 Intralogistics technical specialists will design interfaces and systems to meet the requirements to improve efficiency and productivity. We utilize only the highest-rated and quality systems, products and equipment in the industry. We are trusted partners with a number of providers who deliver top-quality service and equipment in all projects.

Jungheinrich Narrow Aisle Forklift in Warehouse

Systems Integration of Material Handling Solutions

Applying what the designers have created, all systems within the structure of the warehouse operating system will blend smoothly to ensure a well-run and efficient structure for the entire operation of your company. From front end to back end, the flow of materials, energy and information is guaranteed to provide real time analysis and productivity.

Jungheinrich Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) in Warehouse

Warehouse Automation

Our wide range of capabilities in warehouse technology will enhance automatic intervention in processes, namely by predetermining decision criteria, subprocess relationships, and related actions, as well as embodying those predeterminations in the equipment your company is using. Automate boxes and pallets movement within the warehouse so that maximum efficiency is realized.


Warehouse Management Software for Material Handling Technology

54 Intralogistics technicians will implement software that organizes the work of your warehouse or distribution center, and ensure that it will operate efficiently and meet your company’s objectives. Control warehouse stock in real time and optimize operator routes, knowing that the best systems are in place and working effectively.

Two People in Warehouse looking at laptop

Telemetrics to Maximize Operating Potential

Our automatic measurement and wireless transmission of data from each component of machinery and equipment in your warehouse is guaranteed to meet all the requirements for a safe working environment. Human and machine interaction will proceed with timely results and little effort. Our depth of knowledge of the entire system is key to a smooth system.

Forklift technician looking at laptop

Maintenance For Continual Process Improvement and Productivity

We ensure that all products and systems installed in your warehouse and operating center will function as prescribed. We will maintain inspection the equipment and systems so that there is no down-time. Due to our experience we can guarantee full operating productivity on a timely basis.


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