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Innovative Equipment
For Material Handling

54 Intralogistics is a complete material handling solutions provider to include equipment that move products faster, safer and more efficiently. From narrow aisle reach trucks and order pickers to conveyor systems and carousels, we represent cutting edge material handling equipment with built in integration features for optimization of total warehouse solutions.

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Smart Lift Trucks Offer Innovative Material Handling Technologies

Smart forklifts and lift trucks are the intelligence behind moving and lifting products in an automated warehouse system. Collecting data and providing information can increase productivity and assist with management decisions for all innovative material handling. Smart units integrate with other warehouse optimization software platforms and equipment to create an efficient and cost-effective process to increase the return on investment. 54 Intralogistics can provide solutions for maximizing your profits.

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Order Picking Solutions For Warehouse Optimization

Since gathering the appropriate products from the correct location in warehouse automation is an important function that needs accuracy, 54 Intralogistics can ensure we select the best quality order picking system that will increase worker productivity and reduce operating costs. There are a variety of order picking systems and methods that can be implemented, all with intelligent and flexible automation.

Frazier Automated Storage Retrieval System

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems Enhance Warehouse Technology

Transform your warehouse with automated storage and retrieval systems to optimize storage and order picking operations. Implementing best-of-class technology as well as best practices in warehouse optimization can increase productivity, efficiency and storage capacity. There are two major components in automated warehouse racking systems; these are a computer management system and storage and retrieval equipment. Together these components will optimize your warehouse productivity and capacity.


Conveyor Systems Can Be Integrated With Automated Storage Systems

Warehouse automation began first with the installation of conveyor belt systems. Since then, they have facilitated the efficient and accurate automation of warehouse operations. This includes many industries and various applications. Automated warehouse systems are getting better and creating faster and safer results and productivity. As demand continues to grow and labor shortages and supply chain issues remain, warehouse operations must utilize the latest technology to increase the bottom line.

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Automated Guided Vehicles and Robotics Streamline Warehouse Automation Processes

Automated Guided Vehicles include towing, fork trucks and heavy load carriers and are designed to perform repetitive actions and tasks in a warehouse setting. Robotics or telemetrics are ideal for integrated material handling logistics. Technology has advanced and the  competitive marketplace has forced warehouse management to consider using robotics to streamline the processes and integrating material handling solutions to stay ahead of its competitors.

Warehouse Conveyor System

Warehouse Carousel Systems Promote Warehouse Organization

Warehouse carousel systems can organize your warehouse and create an effective methodology to collect and pick products. Automated storage systems like carousels usually consist of a series of shelving units that rotate to bring products to the operator. These systems are fast and efficient and can elevate your warehouse to be more productive. Vertical and horizontal carousels are available. 54 Intralogistics will help you select the one that fits best in your warehouse optimization plan.


Turret and Reach Trucks are an Integral Component of Warehouse Automation

Turret trucks provide complete flexibility in warehouses with limited aisle space. Reach trucks will run longer and feature designs that provide greater productivity and operator comfort. Integrated with modern material handling technologies and telemetrics, these trucks can optimize warehouse performance and safety.

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