Telemetric to Maximize Operating Potential 

Is your equipment talking to you? Most material handling equipment today can help you gather the data you need to make best practices management decisions for your business. Gathering the data through easy to use telemetries can help deliver information in a meaningful way to increase productivity and deliver a safer working environment. 

How do telemetrics work in a warehouse?

Telemetry is the automatic measurement and wireless transmission of data from remote sources. Sensors at the source automatically measure either electrical data, such as voltage and current, or physical data, such as temperature and pressure. Monitoring the performance of applications, components and equipment is essential for a high-performing warehouse. In real time telemetrics measure startup and processing times, crashes, user behavior and resource use, and to assess the state of a system.

54 Intralogistics incorporates the highest quality telemetrics in improving warehouse operations.

Imagine connecting every piece of equipment with the means to monitor performance and safety! Telemetrics only works if the data access is open to obtain information. We design a solution that accesses the essential information to run the warehouse operations effectively. We understand that proper analysis of telemetry data is important and we create a system that doesn’t overload the analysts with too much data that isn’t relevant to the process.

Enhance your current telemetrics or build a new system?

Whether you determine if you need a new solution or just enhance the current operation, we will analyze your entire warehouse operation and systems to determine what provides the most cost savings and the highest production. Our technology experts are experienced in all types of warehouse operations and industries and will research the best solution for your needs.

54 Intralogistics supports numerous applications to enhance warehouse telemetrics.

Monitoring the number of open database connections is important because, as they grow, they can slow performance. In database processing, telemetry monitors the number of database queries, response times and the amount of data passed between an application and database. Telemetry monitors for unusual activity, requests and database errors that might indicate an application failure or security breach. Application of key performance indicators helps you understand the customer and user experience. And we can increase telemetric performance through monitoring and operating forklift equipment, operator console input and end-of-day performance records.

Benefits of using telemetrics in your warehouse operations.

54 Intralogistics specialists can ensure greater outcomes in productivity through monitoring warehouse processes. Analysts can gather information in real time without interrupting the operator’s work via remote feedback. With monitoring of insight into the performance of each component and piece of equipment, you can ensure everything is working properly. Knowing the weaknesses within the operation enables users to improve systems or update them for the future. We can design solutions using telemetrics that capture operator usage and the cause of crashes in the system.

How does telemetrics assist with safety and security in the warehouse?

Telemetry is important to network analytics, providing key security information that can help operations specialists act before a breach occurs. If not caught in time, measures can be taken to prevent such occurrences in the future.


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