Five Reasons to Implement Cloud-Based Robotics in Your Warehouse

July 3, 2023

Jungheinrich AGV EKX51

The use of robotics and automation in factories, warehouses, and other material handling operations is not a new concept; however, the evolution of the technological advances in the field of robotics is difficult to ignore, and we’re seeing an undeniable advantage in the implementation of cloud-based robotics.  This is a trend that you will definitely want to follow!

Ease of Installation and Adaptation

Unlike traditional automation systems, where extensive installation requirements demand a large allocation of time and space, changes in infrastructure, installation of on-site IT systems, and inefficient adaptability to changes and expansion within your operation, cloud-based automation mobile robots (ARMs) can be fully operational in just hours.

There is no need to make changes to your facility. AMRs are loaded with mapping technology that allows them to adapt to your existing floor plan and are able to navigate autonomously without the installation of a tracking system to guide them.  They use sensors to avoid obstacles and reroute when necessary.

With cloud-based platforms, there is no need to install on-premises servers or software, nor does it require a dedicated WiFi to operate.  On-demand automation equipment is ready to go right out of the box.

When your warehouse faces expansion or changes, there is no downtime needed to reconfigure space, floorplans, or equipment. Changes are made using cloud-based software and are implemented seamlessly to your operations.

Robots with boxes in a warehouse

Increased Warehouse Safety

Whenever robots and humans are working closely, there are concerns for safety. AMRs are designed to work closely with humans and other moving objects in heavily trafficked areas. AMRs are equipped with sensors that perceive their immediate surroundings and react to their environment, allowing them to avoid collisions with people and other objects.

Collisions are not the only cause of warehouse employee injury. Workers are at an increased risk for back and knee injuries due to repetitive or heavy lifting and hours spent walking each day transporting material from one place to another.  With AMRs alleviating most of the need for manual labor, there is a decrease in the number of workplace injuries and less wear and tear on workers’ bodies.

Improved Warehouse Efficiency and Productivity

The capabilities of AMRs to move material independently and quickly within a warehouse is a game changer in productivity.  No longer are workers spending extensive periods of time each day traveling from one area of a facility to another. By transferring that work to robotic technology, workers are saving valuable time and energy that could be used elsewhere and allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks.

In addition, unlike their human counterparts, AMRs don’t require much downtime and are capable of working round the clock without tiring. The only rest they require is time to recharge, which is minimal.

Reduction in Errors and Inventory Loss

AMRs, regardless of how boring or tedious the task, deliver consistent accuracy.  Human workers can become distracted with tasks that are boring or repetitive, leaving room for careless errors that are avoided with the use of robotic technology.  Once an operator inputs the instruction to the AMR for a task to be completed on a web enabled device, the AMR is on a mission and can complete the required job without distraction, even rerouting itself to avoid obstacles, independently and with precision.

AMRs equipped with RFID sensors and scanners make keeping track of inventory much more accurate and can record inventory in real-time, which has the added bonus of discouraging inventory theft.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

In today’s on-demand culture, customers have high expectations and meeting or exceeding those expectations is essential to customer satisfaction and retention.  By operating more efficiently and increasing delivery speed and accuracy, AMRs can help your company improve upon the experience of your customers and enhance your company’s competitive advantage.

The Technological Advantage

At 54 Intralogistics, we partner with Logisnext and other innovative material handling solutions manufacturers for cloud-based AMR warehouse and material handling solutions, to make integrating autonomous robotics into your existing operation seamless.  We can assist with your automated material transport, automated data collection and robotic platforms research is unparalleled.

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