What Is Intralogistics?

December 1, 2023

Inside a warehouse facility

If logistics is defined as moving things efficiently from point A to point B, then intralogistics is a similar but much-expanded concept. It involves, optimizing and managing the logistical processes, including warehousing, material flow, transportation, as well as the picking and shipping within a distribution center or warehouse. Intralogistics refers to the planning, installation, execution and control of all internal material flows in a warehouse by means of rack systems, conveyor systems material handling equipment and supporting information systems.

What Makes Intralogistics So Important?

To combat the current slow-down and intricacies of supply chain management, something had to be done to speed up processes while becoming more efficient and accurate. The efficient and smooth interplay of all the processes in warehouse management is one of the greatest challenges in implementing intralogistics systems today. Intralogistics reduces warehousing costs. The most obvious reason to implement intralogistics: better efficiency means less overstock, fewer wasted operator hours, a better product time-to-market, and lower costs overall.

How Does Intralogistics Function Within a Warehouse?

Intralogistics has three main process categories. The first is internal material flow either within a warehouse or from one site to another. The second category is management of information and inventory. All employees must have the latest and accurate information about the amount of inventory, the location of each stock item and the shipping requirements. Intralogistics ties this information together with the purchasing, invoicing and tracking components. The third very important category is the actual management of the warehouse.

Many companies that have large warehouses and distribution centers have moved toward robotics and automated guided vehicles. These are used in all parts of supply chain management. Despite the upfront costs the return on investment in productivity, efficiency and linking the processes is well worth the investment. That’s where intralogistics plays a vital role in warehouse automation. Intralogistics links all the warehouse processes, equipment and roles of employees into a smooth, efficient and productive operation. Using automated storage and retrieval systems, lift trucks, and telematics to store data are all part of the optimization of a warehouse and where intralogistics plays an important role.

54 consultant in warehouse

Next Steps?

Intralogistics is so important to the industry that we selected the term as part of our name: 54 Intralogistics. In business since 1954, we know the way to bring expertise, telematics, design, and engineering specifically to warehouse and fulfillment operations. As experts in intralogistics, we offer innovative materials handling solutions to optimize warehouses and operational processes within the warehouse. The 54 Intralogistics team of professionals can assist in needs analysis, planning, CAD design, engineering, product/equipment procurement, installation as well as ongoing service and maintenance.

Properly linking technology to warehouse processes is key to ensuring a company’s success in moving products in a timely, efficient manner. 54 Intralogistics provides excellent services in the following areas:

  • Consultation & Analysis
  • System Design & Engineering
  • Systems Integration & Automation Consultation
  • Warehouse Management Software
  • Fleet Management & Telemetrics
  • Project Management & Maintenance

Contact us today to learn how we can provide the best solutions to your warehouse intralogistics needs.