Automated Guided Vehicles and Robotics Streamline Warehouse Automation Processes

Technology has advanced in the warehouse environment to include ways to streamline processes and integrate materials handling solutions. In retail warehouse store we have already become familiar with seeing automated guided vehicles performing repetitive tasks such as floor cleaning, pallet moving and towing. Robotics are also incorporated for monotonous, unvarying duties so the human factor can remain unburdened for more complex undertakings. 


Forklift AGVs offer a new range of integration with lifting equipment for non-stop utilization.

AGVs transport materials, supplies and inventory as part of warehouse optimization. As an integrated materials handling solution, AGVs can replace manually-driven forklifts or pick carts.

They are built to navigate a warehouse along routes that are marked with components embedded in the floor or guides located along the shelving. The newest type of AGV has cameras and other advanced technology to navigate the warehouse floor. This results in less collisions and damage to shelving or products.

Warehouse robotics are instrumental in integrating automated systems, robots and software to transport materials and handle tasks to automate innovative material handling.

To you remain a leader in your industry and stay ahead of the competition, 54 Intralogistics will design and implement the best of the technologies available, along with the most up-to-date robotics. The return on investment can be substantial when you consider the time and labor saved and the productivity and efficiency of the warehouse operation. Robotics will continue to make a huge difference in warehouse automation.

What type of robotics are available?

With an array of robotics manufactured today, 54 Intralogistics experienced engineers and analysts are familiar with the functions of each. They will ensure that each component and function in the warehouse integrates seamlessly and offer the highest productivity and safety measures.

How do AGVs and robotics increase warehouse optimization?

Located in an automated warehouse are the fixed components like pallet rack systems, shelving, mezzanines, offices and dock equipment. Then the equipment that utilizes technology to operate are smart lift trucks, order picking lifts, automated storage and retrieval systems, conveyor systems, carousels and turret and reach trucks. 54 Intralogistics integrates all these systems and components through designing a warehouse map that connects them in such a way they function together automatically to increase productivity and safety while ensuring the operation runs seamlessly and efficiently. The automated systems and equipment guarantee a return on the investment and analytics provided by the systems will show that result.

Warehouse robotics allow workers to focus on more complicated tasks.

Robotics are necessary to ensure accuracy and safety in the warehouse. Automating the execution of small, repetitive tasks allows workers to focus on other areas in the warehouse that are more complex offering a challenging and rewarding role within the warehouse. It also helps with recruiting qualified operators and retaining the exceptional ones.


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